Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 19/09/2011

You Were Right

Golden Eagle, originally uploaded by

Well, actually I think I was the one who was right, but then the Badly Drawn Boy song would have to be renamed to fit the occasion (and I think it’s about perfect a pop song as you can get as it is).  What am I right about (apart from everything of course!)?  I eulogized how wonderful the Golden Eagle was at the Hawk Conservancy in my blog yesterday (or was it the day before, I hope you’re paying attention?) and I hope that my photo in some way conveys how magnificent the bird was.  Of course, you don’t get the sense of scale from the photo but take my word for it, it was a very big bird (though not as big as Big Bird, and slightly less yellow (and less annoying as well)) – imposing would probably be the right word to use, and that might even be a bit understated.

On reflection, a lot of the images I had reviewed quickly and thought were poor, look a lot better on a proper monitor as opposed to the laptop screen I was viewing them on.  One batch of photos (which may well appear tomorrow, depending how I feel) don’t show the creatures in the way my photos normally do (dare I say, “my style”?  No, that would be a bit pretentious wouldn’t it!) but it’s good to try something different, and even if they don’t come out how I had hoped I now have an idea of something I want to try when I next visit the centre.  Hopefully the weather will be better, to make more of an impact.

Here you go, can’t leave you with just one Badly Drawn Boy song.. and one I feel the direction of my photograph might well soon take.


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