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  • You can now purchase prints or canvases of any of my photos featured here, on Flickr or over at my website.  More details here


  • coming soon


  • Masai Mara 2012 – hold your horses, I’m still collating it!


  1. Hi Andrew, you have amazing images, and I would like to ask you if you use lightroom to process your images, and if so do you have your own presets, or did you purchase them? Any advise on processing would be most welcomed.
    Kind regards


  2. Hi Allan,

    There’s only one thing I do as part of my workflow and that’s add the signature to the image using Umark and then post. I stopped shooting in RAW about 4 years ago as the processed images weren’t giving me anything that the JPGs weren’t giving me already. I set the contrast up a little on the camera, but that’s about it… apart from setting the white balance correctly.

    When I did process images, I would first set the levels correctly, and then brightness/contrast and finally shadow/highlights.

    Hope that helps… and you can email me for more advice if you want… always willing to lend a helping hand.



  3. Hi Andy

    Thanks for you reply. I did that for a while, and now started to shot in raw, lol. I am still experimenting, as there is so much to learn about photography. I guess that’s what makes it fun, apart from traveling and looking at every tiny little thing to see if there is a picture moment lol.

    I have recently decided to create a travel blog with my images and playing around with lightroom, and photoshop hence different colours, and not sure which I like best yet –

    I still want to learn how to black out backgrounds with people in portraits, to show only the action of the person. Do you have any experience in this? Or any ideas to pass onto me.

    Thanks for your time.

    Kind regards


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