Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 18/09/2011

Hands Up Who Likes Me?

Hooded Vulture, originally uploaded by

C’mon a show of hands please? Anyone…. what, none of you like vultures (yes, I was on about today’s picture – I wasn’t referring to myself)? i will admit I wasn’t particularly enamoured by these birds for a long time, but the more I’ve come into contact with them at the various zoos and been educated at demonstrations the more I’ve come to appreciate how great they are. The great thing is, you never stop learning – for instance, did you know that as the Hooded Vulture (today’s image) as well as other varieties are more active their faces turn from a white colour to pink. And not just exercises either, if you were to talk or interact with one of these fab raptors, they would also change colour. We witnessed this happening during the photo shoot where the bird turned to the dark pink colour you can see in the photo and this was whilst it was surrounded by people and cameras. Actually it was probably a photographer itself and was flushed at seeing so many DSLRs in one spot!

You may be glad to hear, or you may not, that I took around 2000 images on the day, and most of them are “keepers”, though as many are so similar they won’t be finding their way on to Flickr – so you’re safe for the moment – but in those dark nights when I don’t have any photos in reserve from recent venture, I’m sure these will see the light of day.

Today’s blog title wasn’t a random statement, it’s actually a quote but can you guess where from? It was taken from “The Young Ones” TV program that was shown in the ’80s and was repeated by one of the main characters… Rick. How weird, they’ve just show that very clip on the BBC!



  1. Awesome photos of a unique species of birds!

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