1. Interesting…

  2. Only just noticed the link Andrew, many thanks. I must find out to do it on my site and return the compliment.


  3. Having now discovered the link process, you will no doubt be pleased to know that blog link is up and on my Blogroll.

    Uh! Now you’ll see some activity………

    won’t we? 😦

    • Thanks Mark… I will await the influx of visitors 🙂

      I’m off to a couple of Zoos in the next few weeks so am hoping that the weather keeps fine for more photos. The Kites have been drifting around the village and with the light so good on an afternoon at the moment, I may well try to get out with the camera.

      I’ve looked through a number of magazines for a nikon 600mm but no luck yet.

  4. Great…but don’t wait by the puter for tooooooo long, just in case the influx is a bit slow….you know what some of these visitors can be like

    BTW on a more serious note, as you are the Computer Expert, will it make any difference to the distribution/positioning of ones blog, if one had a large number of hits on ‘Like’ button? Its just that a friend has written a blog on Portobello Road and has said to visit and hit the ‘like’ button.

    On the 600mm. I have found a used Nikon Auto f4 with trunk case at Misfuds in Devon, asking £5,000. I have asked them to hold, which they have agreed until I finally decide by the end of next week. They say its perfect about 4 or 5 years old with 6 months warranty.

    Was yours new or second hand (I realise that it’s a Canon of course) and where did you buy it, if you mind me being so rude?


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