Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 20/09/2011

Art is anything you can get away with

Kites in Flight, originally uploaded by

I was going to start with a different Andy Warhol quote, his more famous “I am a deeply superficial person”… no.. not that one.. (it may be true, who cares!).. “In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes” which I’m hoping my writing and photography may lead to – but mostly because of today’s “arty” photo (queue John Walters). I know it looks like an under exposed image but with very little strong direct light available I knew I would be unable to get the type of images I wanted and so decided to leave the exposure as was and see how the images came out. I had expected them to be dark birds on a white background, what I hadn’t realised is how artistic they might look – well, I think they do. Andy Warhol must have also thought the same when he coined the phrase that I’ve used for today’s blog title.

Actually he’s not the only one who shares such sentiments, to quote another artist, one of Les Enfant Terrible, Tracey Emin “Art is what I say it is”.

So I’m saying today’s image is “Art”.. well.. it is.. and stamp my leg so hard, I’ll break my leg if you don’t agree!

Perhaps this is the tack I need to apply with my photography and writing.. bully some organisation (like the BBC or National Geographic) into using my work!

Well, we’re on word 257, no 259, no 261 (etc) words into todays’ blog (about half way usually) and I’m already on my 5th paragraph but now I’m a fully qualified Artist I reserve the right to use 100 paragraphs if I so desire.

Right, Stop that. It’s Silly! (c’mon you must know that quote – after all I’ve managed to blog for the whole year based on plagiarism!)

Did you enjoy those Badly Drawn Boy songs from yesterday? I’ve got a new song of his for you to listen to today… here it is.



  1. Been listening to Bewilderbeast. VERY nice – I might get a knit cap!

  2. Frank Zappa said art is anything you put a frame around – or words to that effect! I love these silhouettes – very beautiful and arty! I’ve seen lots of wonderful art which features corvid silhouettes but it’s great to see these kites.

  3. I think there may well be a market for these photos in Japan! I think they have a very Japanese Artiste feel about them, almost as if they have been done with one of those big bushy brushes wired to a piece of bamboo.

    Oh by the way….I have simply dozens of photos like these, but mine are usually portraits or weddings, and I couldn’t find anyone who was interested.

    The last one I took of the couple cutting the cake, I thought was acceptable. I told them this is art mate!

    My wedding work sorta dried up after that!

    • I have thought about Wedding work but, yes, I’m concerned about correctly exposing the bride – oooh matron – one mention of Carry On and that’s it – double entendre city.

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