Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 14/06/2011

Day Is Gone

The sun has very nearly disappeared over the trees that surround out house, and despite the late-ish hour (9.37pm) I can still hear birds singing in the hedge along the perimeter of our garden.

Today has been another jam packed photography day; the first of the packages from yesterdays spending spree was delivered, the portable studio. I’ve only opened one of the packages so far, to check the contents, and haven’t even tried it out – but at 7ft by 6ft I need to ensure I have plenty of space before I do.

I have instead, been putting the double sided tape I bought yesterday to good use. I’ve now secured the photo mount to the base board and then put the photo into a fantastic clear envelope which will help to further protect the photo when it is on display. This has resolved a quandry I was mulling over; I am going to label each of the photos so that I can produce a short discription of each photo for people to peruse. I didn’t want to attach anything to the cardboard mount, the clear sleeve has resolved that issue straight away.

Today’s image was a hastily taken one of a small cactus that normally resides on our kitchen window sill. With some strong evening light, I took the plant on a quick sojourn out to the front garden and snapped away. I’ve tried to photograph it’s flowers before, many moons ago, but have never been that pleased with the outcome so considering how quick the whole session was I’m really pleased with the outcome. I think next time I’m going to use some of the macro extension tubes to see if I can (which I will be able to – it’s a rhetoric statement) get even closer.

You can be excused for thinking today’s blog title lacks something with regards to diction. Au contray monsieur, I chose the title carefully – it is, in fact, a song title (which you might have guess, but can you name the band?) from the wonderful Cardiacs (damn, gave that away before you even had time to guess). I’ve said before, Cardiacs are my favourite band but sadly due to ill health are on indefinite hiatus. Perhaps one day, Tim Smith will be well enough to sing a song or two, but for now revel in the magnificence that is Cardiacs.


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