Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 13/06/2011

Money makes the world go around…

If that is true, then I’ve certainly contributed to the rotations of the planet today, and all in the name of photography. Of the five purchases today, one was the last piece I need for the exhibition, two were in preparation for the trip to Kenya, and two were for a portraiture assignment I have when I return from my trip to Africa. So busy was my credit card today that I swear that it’s still warm to the touch.

The final piece I need for the exhibition is double-sided tape, not glamorous I know but I need it so that I can fix the backing board to the picture mount, helping to provide rigidity to the whole photo as well as protecting the photo from becoming damaged. One evening this week will be cutting and sticking, it’ll be just like a re-enactment of Blue Peter except I won’t have one I prepared earlier.

The camera gear for Africa is as equally unexciting.. well, to most of you it will be but I’m looking forward to getting all the stuff delivered. I’ve needed a second camera battery for the 1D4 but the official Canon batteries are over £130 – I know these things are more intelligent than your standard AA battery but for £130 I’d want one with paid up membership to Mensa! I’ve managed to find a place that sell compatible batteries for less than £20, such a good price I bought two! I’ve also bought a selection of UV, and polarising filters to help protect all the lenses I’m taking. What I also want to get are a couple of cokin graduated filters, one blue and one tobacco (orange) to enhance any sun rise and sun set photos. I’ll bore you another day with the pro’s and con’s of graduated filters – if you’re not bored already! The most important purchases in this set are a bean bag and camo gear for the huge white lens. I’ll need the bean bag for situations where I can’t use a tripod but still want to use the 600mm lens – I’m eager to get my hands on the lens camo. Out on the Maasai, a huge white reflecting the sun might well be a bit of a give away to the wildlife which the lens covering should rectify – leaving only my white, reflective face to scare off the animals!

Finally to the equipment I’m really excited about and the bulk of the cost a portable studio and lighting which will allow me to produce Venture style images where ever I like (providing I have access to a plug socket – and you can also solve that with more expenditure). You haven’t seen any of my people photos yet… I can do them.. I’m not just a one, two, or possibly three trick pony you know (actually you may consider I’ve over egged that by one or two ponies at least! Perhaps that’s the new method of quantifying a person’s photographic skills the pony scale – but then are we talking Shetland pony or a medium sized horse?). You know – I think all this spending has gone to my head somewhat, I think both me and my credit card need to go and lie down in a cold dark room so we can both calm down.

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