Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 15/06/2011

Nice to see you, to see you nice.

Did you enjoy that little except from the wonderful world that is Cardiacs? Definitely a ‘marmite’ band, I know a number of people who just don’t get them and their theatrics. I may treat you to some more before the end of the night if you promise you’re going to be good.

What do some drinking straws, masking tape and a cereal box have to do with tonight’s photo? Without them I wouldn’t have been able to create this photo… need any further clues? Well, I used these components to make an attachment for my flash gun. The cardboard created a snoot, this limits how far the light disperses from the edges. The straws help to further concentrate the light from the flash, when they are joined to create a honeycomb structure.

Flash can often illuminate the whole scene if the subject and the background are too close together. As this photo was taken inside, the chance that the whole scene would be illuminated as such was high, hence the use of the snoot and honeycomb. The flower was the only thing lit by the flash, a nice soft light – in fact, it hardly looks like flash is being used.

So there my secret.. another Blue Peter creation. I may even put together a “how to” for you so you can make one yourself.

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