Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 21/04/2011

Top Cat!

Hey Officer Dibble, who’s that taking my photo? The Arabian Sand Cats at Marwell are always popular with the public, they certainly have that Aaahhh factor though you wouldn’t think so looking at this picture. The cat seems to be displaying an intense sense of disdain, though to be fair I think nature has put that look on it’s face.

I was lucky to get any type of image; instead of being out in the sunny, warm, outdoor representation of their natural environment, all of the cats were hidden in their very dark indoors habitation. High ISO, slow shutter speeds, it’s a wonder any of them were sharp – but I’m pleased with the two I’ve posted to Flickr.

After yesterday’s tiring day round London Zoo, I decided to see how much the kit I was carrying around for the 10 hours I was on my feet weighed. It turns out that the whole lot weights 3 stone or 42 pounds. No wonder my legs ache… and my back.. and my shoulders… and….


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