Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 22/04/2011

Puuurrrrfect Day

No Sangria for me today, well not yet anyway, but what a day. It’s only in the last 20 minutes that I’ve actually picked up a camera but it’s certainly not been devoid of any wildlife (though I hasten to add, this photo wasn’t taken in my back garden, more’s the pity).

Having had a few hectic days, today was a day to relax and do things around the house that had taken a back seat to photography.

The first wildlife encounter was a new one on me, Adela reaumurella. A type of daytime moth, less than one centimetre in length, if you excluded it’s amazingly long antennae which were at least twice as long as the moth itself. With half a dozen of these almost hanging in mid air, it made for an amazing spectacle.

I then spent a good while watching a type of Solitary Bee buzzing too and fro between the hawthorn hedge and a hole in the mortar in the garage wall. It was fascinating seeing how it located the hole amongst a number of openings (don’t get me started on our builder!)

As tools were put away, and things tidied away, I was startled when going back to the garage door by a loud low buzzing noise by my left shoulder. Looking out of the corner of my eye, it would seem I had disturbed a resting hornet. Now there’s an awesome insect I have yet to get a good picture of.

So to today’s picture and blog title. Well it’s pretty obvious what the photo is of.. I say obvious but I often hear people getting the various cat’s wrong..though I’m also prone to identifying parts of car engines wrong myself (we all have our area of expertise) . Taken at Marwell, this cheetah was sitting on a conveniently placed rock, mimicking their natural behaviour in the wild.

Today’s song should pose no problem in identification, Lou Reed‘s Perfect Day, but how many of you know that Lou Reed was in a seminal band, The Velvet Underground, that was managed/overseen/advised by Andy Warhol! I’m still waiting for my 15 minutes of fame!



  1. Good post, I love Gorillas such grace and beauty.

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