Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 20/04/2011

Danger Will Robinson!

That’s what Robot from Lost In Space series used to say to the youngest of the “Swiss Family” when ever a threat was present, and it would be saying exactly the same thing now I’ve taken my walking boot off!

Today has been a long day; setting off at 8.30am (okay that’s not too early) two trains and then we were in London. I then took a short tube trip to Regents Park station and after a 20 minute walk I was at the entrance of ZSL (London Zoo).

The queue for tickets, whilst long, moved very quickly and with a wait less than 10 minutes I was inside. First stop, the Reptile house; there were a number of new exhibits, and a notable absentee… the zoo no longer have any Gaboon Vipers on show. I was a little disappointed, however there were numerous other Viper species present to more than make up for it, as well as one of the biggest King Cobras I’ve ever seen.

The rest of the day now seems a bit of a blur, but I was on my feet for all of it, and I suspect I’m going to ache a little in the morning having taken most of my kit with me.

Today’s image was taken late afternoon at Marwell when the Red Panda was active. In fact the little blighter wouldn’t stay still at all. I’m pleased with this image, it will go nicely with the image of a racoon I took at Dartmoor Zoo last year, and where I’m going to be visiting again in a couple of months.

Right, time to go and fumigate my feet, I don’t think even moth balls will cover up the odour!


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