Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 11/04/2011

Slow, slow, quick quick, slow

I haven’t taken up ballroom dancing, neither have I found a new inspiration to  photograph, today’s blog title is in homage to a creature we happened upon whilst out for a walk.

Whilst we were looking at a kitten, that was very nervous of us, I happened to spy not far away on the tarmacadamed path a baby slow worm furiously trying to slither for cover to no avail. I’m not sure precisely why, the legless lizard was unable to find purchase on the walk way, but it wasn’t making any progress.

I ushered into my hand, it easily fitting into my palm, and I then transferred it across to the hedgerow it had seemingly want to find shelter in. Within 5 seconds you wouldn’t have know it had even been there, so deep into cover had it gone.

I’ve seen a number of slow worms round the village, and it’s good to know there are more around. I’ve remembered where there’s a piece of heathland so I may venture over with my camera gear and see if there are any other reptiles around, especially the elusive (well, for me anyway) Adder. Mind you I don’t want to jump to conclusions, after all 1 + 1 might not actually equal 2!


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