Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 10/04/2011

Oh Beeehave!

What a fantastic day, the weather has certainly been kind again and so has the God or Gods of Photography as I’ve managed to capture an image I’ve had in my mind for ages.

Today’s expedition wasn’t that far, or to most that exciting – a trip to a local garden centre, camera in hand (which can make driving a bit difficult).

Having sort permission from the staff, I ambled around and around the various plants for sale, snapping here, clicking there. There were more than enough flowers in bloom to keep me busy for most of the afternoon and I will be posting a few of them to Flickr over the next few days.

Whilst wandering amongst the apple trees I happened on a bee flitting from flower to flower. I’ve wanted to photograph a bee in flickr for a while now, and especially one approaching a flower. Using AI Servo mode, i was able to, to some extent, to keep the bee in focus though with it moving so rapidly it was something of a trial.

Of all the photos, this is my favourite, with the head of the bee in focus and you can see it’s tongue out ready for it to gorge itself on blooms nectar.

I’ve moved the feeders around in the garden, and the hide is in prime position ready for the bird’s taking their afternoon tea which will be this weeks main goal. They think it’s all over…well, not yet.

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