Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 12/04/2011

Anyone for Hide and Seek?

I’ve already found my hiding place, so it’s your turn to seek and I bet you won’t be able to find me (well, the clicking of the keyboard should give you an audible clue).

Isn’t technology great when it works (I know, I know… IF it works!), I’m currently ensconced in my hide, in my back garden, using wireless networking to connect to my blog, and I have a wireless remote camera monitoring my feeding stations so as and when the birds arrive for food I’m ready to snap away. Two birds, one stone, and a whole mass of circuit boards.

I can’t say I have any great photos as of yet, though the birds are visiting the stations. I’m trying a new technique with the 600mm and I’m a little doubtful as to whether I’ll get the sharp images I require. Still it’s not costing me anything, and if you don’t try these things you just won’t know.

I can certainly heard the birds around me; a woodpecker (Greater Spotted) has been drumming on an old dead tree to my left. Dunnocks have been rustling through the undergrowth of the large hedgerow that defines the perimeter on one side of the garden. Blue Tits and Great Tits have been landing on the branches higher up in the bushes, using it as a midway point to the feeders. Generally all the bird calls I can hear are of relaxed birds going about their business trying to find food and maintain dominance on their patch.

Birds make different calls in different circumstances, and without exception the alarm call is much less verbose and less melodic than either their On The Wing calls or their general singing. Once you can decipher these you can easily see whether you’re going to get any photos or not.

So, you’ve found me… right, my turn to seek.. one… two…three.. coming ready or not.

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