Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 13/03/2011

I can smell fruit, pineapple, guava,

perhaps a hint of blackberry. I love the expression on the dominant female’s face as she in hails the aroma from the tetra pack of pineapple juice as if it were a fine wine. Again, at the risk of bit of anthropomorphism, there’s a look of sheer indulgence on the Gorilla’s face.

A last photo, I promise, from a trip to Bristol Zoo and I can’t quite believe I’ve managed to stretch it out on Flickr and the blog for the last 7 days! With little in the way of new photos over the past week, I’m hoping that the weather continues in the same vein as it has this week so I can get out with the camera each day.

Things are looking promising, and there are real signs of spring now, having sighted yellowhammer, hare, roe deer, muntjac deer,greenfinch and numerous buzzards around our village. One bird I have puzzled over by it’s absence made itself heard today, the diminutive wren (and one of the few birds I know, without looking, the latin name for Troglodytes troglodytes – perhaps due to having been a fan of films using Ray Harryhausen’s stop motion techniques – I’ll leave you to work that one out [but here’s a clue]).

Whilst one of the smallest birds in the UK, it certainly makes up for it’s lack in size (as if it’s a problem!) but it’s incredibly loud and melodious song. A joy to listen to, and described on the CD I mentioned as “a surprisingly loud series of repetitive phrases with a clearly-defined structure. Verses are usually three to five seconds long, rather high-pitched with some sibilant phrases and often a buzzing or rattle phrase. Vibrant and explosive“.

Hang on, how did I get from a primate with a penchant for pineapple to a bird belaying it’s bulk by broadcasting blatently brazenfaced to all? I think I’ve just found my true vocation… the Compere on The Good Old Days.


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