Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 12/03/2011

New Toys

Hello again, how quickly these little get togethers seem to come around. How are you keeping? Are you well?

Another saturday another children’s football match photographed, and this time I exceeded 1400 photos in the 90 minutes of play or in other words, one every four seconds. One reason is that I have a new SD memory card to replace my older one, the new one being 3 times as fast, something that is important when you’re rattling off 10 frames per second. My primary card, a compact flash, still manages 60Mb/s and is the quicker of the two but it’s good to have a fast backup I can rely on.

I came back from the camera show, earlier in the week, with a few new toys, the memory card being one of them but also my “dalek” hide as I described on the day. I put this out in the garden today and re-arranged a garden implement that I’d been hoping birds would land on. It now is in line of sight of one of the apertures in the tent, just at the correct distance for the 600mm, and has a teasel attached to it on which I’m hoping some birds will land.

The second aperture of the hide is trained on the bushes that run along the perimeter of our garden at the point where the various birds perch before flying to the feeders.

My primary objective today was to get the birds used to the hide in situ and as such I didn’t actually go into it or even put my camera in there. Slowly slowly catchee monkey.

I could have easily have hidden my camera in the hide, as I have another piece of kit which is incredibly cool, and in no way nerdy! One component of the set, which looks very similar to Canon’s ST-E2 wireless flash transmitter, sits on the hotshoe of the camera, with cables going to the video out and shutter release ports on side of the camera. A second device with a 3.5″ screen communicates with the camera wirelessly, and when in live view, displays exactly what the camera is seeing, on it’s inbuilt screen. Various buttons on the screen allow you to alter brightness etc but the primary one allows you to remotely fire the shutter. Uber cool, I think you’ll agree!

So with the hide sheltering the camera, and tripod, and the wireless device fitted I can sit in my office and STILL take photos from the comfort of my own chair.

Oh yes, today’s image is of an Inca Tern. Slightly jealous as his moustache is better than mine!!


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