Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 14/03/2011

Bottom of the barrel

Well, it had to happen, I’ve run out of new photos to put on Flickr, having had a relatively camera free weekend. Unfortunately for you, however, I haven’t run out of works yet (and when I have, I’ll just recycle some of my old ones!  Environmentally Friendly Blog.).

Today’s image was taken at Slimbridge. Whilst on the hunt for a Lesser Scaup, I managed to snap this rather unkempt male Reed Bunting, transitioning from it’s winter plumage to the much more striking Summer plumage, when it has a pure black head with a white moustache. As you can see, the lighting about matched the bird’s mid-transition feathers, the sky being overcast and grey with little chance of a strong key light.

The day was to open out, and as I’ve already mentioned in a previous blog, I did manage to get some images I was pleased with.

I’ll be taking my camera out for an airing tomorrow, and whilst the weather forecast is showing white cloud, I’ll be out seeing what new wildlife has appeared on some nearby ponds. As well as Warblers, which may be active, the site is supposed to have adders, and it’s around now that they first start to emerge still slow and sluggish from their winter hibernation. I carry around a bag of seed with me now, when I go out, to try and lure birds to within snapping distance… I wonder what I need to take with me to tempt out a snake?


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