Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 11/11/2012

I’m not a celebrity but let me in (the jungle only)

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I quite often have the TV on whilst I’m trying to think what to write for this blog, more often than not, without the sound on – just to have some movement in the otherwise still room. One of the few Reality TV shows that I sometimes watch, “I’m a Celebrity”, has just started and the first task the contestants have to do is to cross a Gorge across suspended platforms, hoops and other precarious methods to help them get to the other side. The “stars” (I do use that term very loosely) are of course wearing a safety harness should they lose their footings – a number of them look terrified, in reality they’re being paid to have a go on an Australian version of Go Ape, the tree top adventure company. The most annoying thing is that the couple of times I’ve had a go at such a thing, there haven’t been cameras surrounding me to film my progress but what’s worth is I’ve not been paid, but rather had to pay to attempt the course. Actually, neither of those are really that annoying compared to the loss of dignity I suffer on the final stage of the course, a zip wire that returns you back to earth where I never seem to be able to land feet first but end up on my back, legs waggling in the air like one of the beetles that has just starred on the very same program.


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