Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 10/11/2012

All The Trees Are … Golden

sheffield-park, originally uploaded by

What a day, and the night is still young and may well have a surprise or two up it’s sleeve! Due to illness, days away and other commitments, I’ve not been to football for getting a month and what a wonderful sight awaited me as I drove there. I’ve mentioned before how our village has woodland to most sides of it, a mixture of managed and natural forest. The autumnal colours seem to have eluded me during my travels, however I was in for a bit of a treat whilst chauffeuring my son and his friend (and my Dad) to play in a friendly match against a neighbouring hamlet. The managed Evergreen pine trees regimentally lined up, uniform in colour and shape were overshadowed by the golds, crimsons, and umber leaves of the deciduous trees who seemed to be showing off, such was the vibrancy of their foliage. The journey certainly was spectacular, and luckily the boys team won!

There’s a new addition in the Skelton household today, one which at least two of us are very excited about (I’ve not polled all in question) – we are now the proud owners of an Xbox 360. Yes yes, I know – we’re possibly a bit behind the times (not what you call early adopters when it comes to Games consoles – but bear in mind we only converted over to a flat screen TV earlier this year (and that was because we were given it!)) but we’re very excited about it, especially my son who couldn’t believe his luck. It was a present from my Dad who spent the day with us, and who then had to endure watching us try to get to grips with a Formula 1 racing game. I’ve since connected the console to the internet and added a few apps and demo games which I’m sure we’ll be engrossed in over the coming dark wintery nights.

To round off the evening, we walked the length of the village to attend the annual Bonfire Night firework display. The location has changed a number of times over the seven years (gulp, really? Seven years? How have we been going that long!) we’ve been attending and tonights location was possibly the best muddy field we’ve stood in, in that time. The fireworks were probably the best we’ve seen at the even over the years, in fact I did comment to a friend who we’d walked there with that the organisers must mistakenly added a zero on to their budget for the event, the fireworks going on for over 15 minutes. It’s either that or it’s the last time they’re going to do it and they wanted to… wait for it.. go out with a Bang (I know, Dear Reader, it really wasn’t worth the wait!).


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