Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 31/07/2012

Birds on a wire.. I mean twig.

Birds, originally uploaded by

As the old joke goes, “you don’t have to be mad to write a blog-a-day for 19 months… but it helps!” – I quite often question my wisdom at wanting to write each day, but it’s such a large part of my day I suspect, in typical pavlovian fashion, I would miss it if I were to stop. I will, of course, stop but not just yet – I plan to get to two years now and then take a rest – scale back a bit, so that you only get blogs that are actually interesting and/or impart information… so that’ll be once a year then!

I mentioned at the beginning of the year that I wasn’t as focused on the same goals as I had set myself last year, never the less whilst uploading photos to Flickr sporadically I have tried to keep figure in my head that I want to achieve each month, one that isn’t unreasonable I like to think. Not posting every day does, however, mean that my account is visited less than when I do post new images, and as I rested on my laurels for most of January as well as missing a number of days each month, I’m not quite on target at the moment… not by much, I’m only 1,000 away from the number I was hoping for, but it’s another 1,000 visits I need to recoup without the draw of something like Kenya’s batch of images (I hope I included enough commas in that sentence to all you to draw breath and you’re now not blue in the face… it certainly was a long sentence (a bit like deciding to write this blog for two years))

You might have also noticed that a number of recent blogs, including today (and definitely tomorrows) have been much shorter than normal. It’s not that I’ve run out of things to write about, far from it, it’s just there seems to be an inordinate number of things happening at the moment, last night I was at the evening reception of a Wedding, the night before entertaining friends until late, and tomorrow we’re all off to Chessington World of Adventure for a family day out as a birthday treat for my son. Negotiations have taken place so that the biggest treat of the day for him is that I’m not taking any camera gear (with the exception of the one built into my phone) with me despite the attraction having a zoo section with Persian Leopards, Sumatran Tigers and Lowland Gorillas. I normally have my camera gear strapped to my side wherever I go, so for me not to take it with me allowing him to have my full attention is a big deal for him. His main aim is to go on their biggest ride, Vampire, which he wasn’t quite old enough to go on last time we went, a couple of years ago. He wasn’t particularly keen on amusement rides but loves them now so we’re in for a treat tomorrow (I’m as big a kid when it comes to these types of rides as he is, now if I could only strap my camera (which isn’t allowed with me) to my head to take some stop motion images of the ride, that could be fun).


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