Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 30/07/2012

Polly; what a cracker!

Jenday Conure, originally uploaded by

As some of you will know I’ve mentioned that my mobile phone is coming up for its 2 year renewal cycle. Sadly I won’t be getting my hands on the very lovely Samsung Galaxy S III which is a fantastic device (I won’t call it a phone… in fact I’m not sure it even makes telephone calls!) albeit a little large, I am due what I initially thought was a direct comparison for my current phone, a fact I was a little disappointed about until I visited a Mobile Phone shop to test the device. My biggest bugbear with the HTC Legend I carry around each day is the memory available to the phone for such things like data, apps etc. It does have a microSD card slot but some apps just don’t want to be moved to it so I’m left with 185Mb to use maps, facebook, and most of the google apps from. Despite the small memory footprint of most of the programs on the phone, this still isn’t a great deal and recently I was left with only 44Kb free, resulting in a very very slow phone. This is a know problem with android phones, having discussed the issue with a Smartphone developer friend of mine, who until he swapped to the Samsung Galaxy S III had a similar complaint. I was keen to try the HTC One V, my next phone, both in terms of size and performance – though the first thing I went to check above all else was the amount of memory available to the phone. Oh be still my beating heart, I was over the moon to see that this new phone has 0.96Gb (or 960Mb) of available data storage so I shouldn’t have the continuous reminder on the alert bar that my phone needs more space!

To say I’m pleased with the series of Jenday Conure photos I took yesterday is a bit of an understatement; in fact, I knew they were going to be good as I took them, and that was without even looking at the back screen of the camera! I’ve mentioned before how taking the perfect shot is similar to that perfect kick in football, swing in golf or smash in badminton (insert your own sport simile here), that as soon as you’ve done your bit… pressed the shutter/ball in flight etc you know you’ve aced it. I was having a particularly good day on Sunday taking photos, and despite the thunderstorm I had to shelter from, the sun did make several appearances, enough for me to take the kind of shots I want to. If you’re wondering how I achieved the green background, well, it’s a weeping willow tree that was to one side of the cage where these colourful parakeets lived. I positioned myself so that it became their background and waited until the birds realised what I was trying to do so as to obligingly perform for me. Which they did admirably. I love these photos, to me they almost look like a painting.. though I might be deluding myself there!


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