Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 22/05/2012

Whiter Shade of Pale

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I’m not going to do it! No, no matter how much you try and make me I won’t. There’s no way, on earth, that you’re going to get me to mention what a wonderfully warm day today and how the evening has been glorious…. drat, You’re Good, Dear Reader! The cold weather of the weekend seems more like a bad dream, with temperatures in the 20s (Celsius) I’ve had the roof down on the car, allowing me greater access to the sights, sounds as well as smells of the great outdoors (sometimes you don’t want the later, especially when farmers have been hard at work preparing their fields, adding “nutrients” to the ground (if you know what I mean!)).

In an interesting twist Google, the company behind the Android operating system used on a high percentage of mobile phones, have bought the mobile arm of Motorola. This paves the way for Google to now supply both the hardware and software, and with the might of the organisation they could be a serious contender for Apple. With so many manufacturers producing such similar looking phones, it would be nice for Google to come up with some innovative designs that aren’t trying to look like any others in the market place.

There are more and more rumours surfacing around new camera announcements from Canon, ranging from entry level up to a possible replacement for the 7D. Having watched the market for many many years now (over a decade in fact), it’s interesting how the strategies of Nikon and Canon have now split with Nikon still increasing pixel count on a number of their camera’s whereas Canon seem to have gone for two different sized sensors, 18Mpixels or 22Mpixels, irrespective of the price of the camera. Of course, there’s a lot more to a camera than just the sensor, and it’s this that you’re paying for as you progress up the product range, such things as the autofocus sensor technology, the metering sensor, weather sealing, processing power etc. I’m still smitten with my 1D4 and it will take a lot for me to want to part with it, and despite having seen some early photos taken with the 1DX where high ISOs (in the 10,000 range) look as clean as any of mine at 3000 – I won’t be adding to Canon’s profits in the foreseeable future (yes, Dear Reader, I DO have my fingers crossed.. I’ve just remembered their 200-400mm lens which should see the light of day late this year, or more probably next year now).


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