Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 23/05/2012

To me… to me… to me….

Bogbean, originally uploaded by

The first butterfly of the season gently flitted and fluttered over the garden as we were out in the back garden, and what a great start, a Common Blue – aptly named as it is blue and… yes, it’s common! Of course, my camera was nowhere to hand, but as I’ve said, sometimes it’s good to just enjoy the wildlife rather than trying to get a good photo and miss the spectacle. It’s a good start, and I’m ever hopeful that the Hummingbird Moth will make an appearance when the lavender is out, which won’t be too far off now.

I’ve been researching reversing rings for macro photography today. Similar to a filter that sits on the front of the lens it allows the lens to either be mounted to another lens or directly on the camera. These rings are generally inexpensive and may well allow me to achieve similar magnification to that of Canon’s MP-E 65mm which is in effect a reversed lens anyway but probably not the same quality. I’m still unsure whether the aforementioned combination would provide better results than using the extension tubes I own with my macro lens. Extension tubes are just that, hollow tubes that fit between the lens and the camera body and allow you to get closer to the subject and at the same time increase the magnification of the lens. The added advantage of the tubes is that they have connectors from lens to body that allow autofocus, aperture control etc to work. I’m going to have to compare results with these tubes to that using a reversing ring to see which is better. Hmm, I wonder if there’s a ring for my 600mm, that could be interesting!

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