Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 19/04/2012

That Colgate Freshness!

Chimpanzee, originally uploaded by

Talk about a smile only a mother could love, after my close encounter with Pan troglodytes as mentioned in one of my recent blogs I don’t feel such affinity with these creatures as I did (having carried around the 600mm lens for a couple of years, I now have knuckles that drag on the floor!) though I was never under the delusion that Chimps are wild, and moreover dangerous creatures. Any creature that has longer canine teeth than their molar or incisors aren’t placid veggie eating animals – evolution must have bread this trait out of homo sapiens!

Anticipation doesn’t help productivity much, instead of the plethora of other tasks I could have been doing I seem to have spent a proportion of today checking two websites to determine the status of my lens repair and laptop build. Neither websites have changed at all throughout the day, so I needn’t have checked, especially as both services email progress so I could have just checked status on my phone, tablet, email client etc. Shame on me!

I’m rather apprehensive about the training course I’ll be running on Sunday down at Dartmoor Zoo; it’s not the course material – I like to think I know my stuff – it’s more the weather, it doesn’t look very promising with cloud, rain and sun forecast (talk about hedging your bets!). I’ll be taking numerous black bin liners to use as protection against the elements for delicate electronic devices – and I will take some of my studio stuff in case the weather beats us into submission and we have to retreat to the Jaguar Cafe which is adjacent to the indoor exhibits – the former a great place for some lovely food, the later have some great snakes, insects and lizards. Don’t get the two mixed up!



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