Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 20/04/2012

Bringing Home The Bacon

Talk about the proverbial “No. 9 Bus”, as I’ve mentioned I’ve been eagerly awaiting the delivery of my new laptop, or my repaired lens or even a replacement mobile phone and and whilst only one of those (the mobile phone) has arrived at my door, the other two can’t be far behind. Having had a very productive day, rarely checking Dell’s website (only a couple of hundred times, instead of a couple of thousand times!) I suddenly received a text message on my replacement cell phone informing me that my 600mm has been shipped and should be with me imminently. By imminently I suspect, seeing as we’re going into a weekend (what ever they are), that all deliveries will be postponed, now, until next week – I can wait, it’s not like I need it this weekend really. Have checked the message, I then went to look at the status of my laptop order and hey presto, my new laptop has been shipped though there’s no delivery date detailed on the site as yet… probably next week. So it looks like I’m going to have a great week next week, providing I don’t find any issues with my toys (new and old)… fingers crossed the machines have been shipped sans any ghosts inside them.

That’s Life, a 70’s and 80’s TV magazine-style show, made a star of a small scruffy dog which was able to talk, amongst its vocabulary was the unforgettable “Sausages” and I’m afraid that’s exactly what I thought when I first saw these adorable little packs of links.. erm, I mean piglets running around their enclosure whilst at Whipsnade Zoo. Obviously that’s the carnivore in me talking, but I have already been led astray with such heinous thoughts but a Children’s Petting Zoo we pass every week on the way to football. It’s a place we used to visit when my boy was younger, I was always keen to photograph the wildlife inhabitants, such as the Red Deer, Sheep, Turkeys and Wild Boar. I’m not sure the sign I see each week was there at the time, it may well have been, but I’m amused each time I pass the entrance to the park to see the hoarding offering best cuts of venison, mutton, poultry and boar sausages… obviously marketing works, as whenever I see these wild pigs anywhere I immediately think about getting a frying pan and brown sauce out for a tasty snack. I’ll never make it as a TV Naturalist (not to be confused with TV Naturist) with such a penchant for sausage baps.


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