Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 29/08/2011

Weather To Fly

Phew, what a weekend. Despite my initial reservations about the lack of interesting bands at Reading Festival this year, it has to rank (and it does get a bit rank there especially on the last day!) as one of the best I’ve been to. The weather certainly made it memorably but wasn’t a complete wash out and I’ve even got a bit of a suntan as well. Some new bands, some overlooked bands to listen to, as well as old bands to revisit. Fantastic. I’ll be booking 2012’s ticket Tuesday morning – without any knowledge of next years lineup – part of the fun and as next year.. 23 years of attendances and counting!

I can’t let yesterday’s milestone pass without some type of comment – yesterday was my 300th blog. When I first started back in 2009 little did I envisage that writing an entry every day would become a big part of my life, and something I would be always thing of ideas for (honestly.. I do!). As mentioned I vowed, as a New Years Resolution, to blog every day for 2011 – I don’t know why – I just felt I needed some new goals and challenges. When 2011 draws to a close I don’t know where I will go with the blog, whether I’ll continue each day, or weekly perhaps, but I can’t see myself stopping (I suspect 2012 will be daily too).

So one of the best festivals, and my 300th blog, surely the weekend couldn’t get any better? Wrong on two accounts, both photography related. I had a phone call on Saturday morning as I was about to leave for the Festival from Alex at Dartmoor Zoo. He asked whether they could use the picture of Solomon (male lion) I had taken, and which I blogged about recently. Always willing to help the Zoo, I uploaded a copy for them which will appear in the Primary Times, a regional magazine that is given to each school child. Once ready, Alex sent over a copy of the advert which I may well print out and frame for my office.

The second thing happened today; it seems another kids football team have seen the hi-key photo I’ve done for free for my boy’s club and they would like me to do the same for them. This time, however, it will be a paying gig so I guess I can now start to class myself as a semi-professional photographer 🙂

With the way things went this weekend, I really should have placed some bets – with all that luck I’m sure to have backed all the winners!


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