Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 30/08/2011

Blue Monday (except it’s Tuesday)

Watch out world, I’m now armed and dangerous. I lamented recently how I had misplaced a number of my spare memory cards, something that had caused me a problem when I visited Dartmoor Zoo (Alex having to lend me a spare card). I ordered two new cards last week which arrived today and now I can take over 3000 photographs without coming up for air (metaphorically speaking). In old money that equates to 40Gb worth of storage – 40Gb, that really is astounding when put in perspective – my first hard drive which seemed extremely large was only 100Mb!

Today’s image was taken at the Eden Project, toward the end of the day as the light was disappearing down behind the walls of the attraction. Running around to make the most of the time left I happened across some Scabious and fitting in the same colour scheme was this pretty little flower.

I’ve got one more day’s worth of photographs from Eden, and then it’ll be a batch from Newquay Zoo. which I’m particularly pleased with.

I’m going to be printing the picture of Sita on a 30” by 20” canvas shortly to be mounted in our dining room. I’m also going to print a number of smaller canvases of the other big cat photos I’ve taken to go either side of the main one. I might even let you see once I’ve got them all, you’ll need to book in advance, I’d recommend the coffee cake in the cafe (garage).



  1. Yes gorgeous pic, and I’m sure it will fantastic on canvas gracing the walls of Skelton Towers.
    Let me know when I have to book my place, and I love cake.

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