Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 13/05/2011

Well, that didn’t exactly go to plan!

With today’s photos taken before dinner time, I had thought the blog would have been completed shortly after rather than much later in the evening. I’ve said before Nature generally doesn’t follow or even read the Scripts, and it’s precisely for this reason that this blog is late.

Whilst getting a coffee around 8pm, I noticed movement in the back garden. This in itself is not unusual, there are a couple of Robins that hunt for insects amongst the grass, in this case it was a pair of Bullfinches. Both male and female were feeding on the unopened dandelion seed heads, and didn’t seem to mind me getting close up to the windows to take photos.

The birds were there for about 30 minutes before flying off in which time I manage to snap away. I’m not sure any of the photos will find their way on to Flickr, even using high ISO, the lighting was pretty poor – I have yet to review them.

So that, Dear Reader, is it for tonight. Goodnight.


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