Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 14/05/2011

Honey I shrunk the..

flower. As much as I love taking photos of birds, animals, reptiles etc, I love how much of the natural world is opened up through a macro lens… well, a macro lens and an extension tube in this case.

This flower is less than a centimeter in diameter, and is actually probably closer to half a centimeter and so the small details are easily overlooked; in this case the white curved stigma surrounded by the yellow topped stamens.

This was one of the few wild flowers (I prefer that term instead of using “weed”) left in the garden after I scalped it with my lawnmower today. It’s sad in one way that the grass is relatively short, as the resplendent Bullfinches that visited the garden last night which were eating the dandelion seed heads no longer have this food available to them.

All is not lost though, as we did hear them, and then shortly after saw them fly over the house. I don’t think they looked too disgruntled, perhaps they’ll forgive me and make a repeat visit, and at a more convenient time than last night.

It seems ages since I went out to photograph something with a pulse.. all my recent photography has been taken around the garden of the various floral intruders (actually I was taking more kids football this morning, but that doesn’t count). I’ve a spare day tomorrow, so I think it’s time I redress the balance. Looking out of the window, it’s a red sky so the weather should also be in my favour… so where to go? I haven’t decided myself yet, so you’ll have to tune in tomorrow to see where I ended up. Go on, please.. pretty please… do I have to beg?

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