Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 29/04/2012

Too Close For Comfort!

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That was too close for comfort! If yesterday’s blog seemed a little short, didn’t end in the customary manner and had a rather dull blog title there’s a reason for that. Having become engrossed in “Match of the Day”, a program in the UK that shows highlights of the day’s football matches (soccer matches) I had lost track of time. Glancing down at the time on the computer I saw it was reading 00:00, in other words all looked lost with regards to my marathon blogging session currently standing at 484 days and counting. Of course the world won’t end, the sun will still shine (honest), and England’s football team will exit the World Cup early but I would have been disappointed to have broken my run of blogging, especially as I was halfway through my daily missive. Luckily the time on my laptop must have been a few minutes out, as when I did manage to post, the date on the server was still reading the 28th April, so all was not lost. Phew!

The camera gear has remained firmly stowed in the camera bag today, it’s probably why the clouds have parted and the sun is now attempting to make up for the last few dismal weeks (it’s probably been less, it’s just felt that long) worth of inclement weather. Another reason it’s probably shining is I don’t have any more photographic plans for the rest of April, though seeing as tomorrow is the last day of the month, that’s not as bad as it sounds. As mentioned in previous blogs, the next big event I need to start working on is a trip down to Africa. That’s top of this week’s task list – hopefully going soon as well. Of course that does mean, Dear Reader, that you will experience the most amazing sunny spell whilst we’re away – though I doubt we’ll be taking the weather with us, as many, if not most parts of Africa have been suffering from lack of rain. The relative of a friend, who currently lives in South Africa, has reported that the waterhole that normally attracts all manner of wild and magnificent beasts to its refreshing waters is all but dried up and I know that when in Kenya last year some people we talked to were concerned with the lack of rain for the crops that were grown in their country and the knock on effect this would have on food prices and availability. With April in the UK having exhibited a “normal” April, (April Showers), then let’s hope the rest of the world’s weather returns to a more normal pattern, providing warmth and nourishment to one and all.


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