Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 24/03/2012

Tiptoe.. through the Tulips^

In those immortal words of that great Lancashire incendiary artist*, “Did you like that?”  These are the voyages of the.. sorry, wrong blog… these are the results of yesterday’s Gear Fest where I seemed to turf out half of my camera gear (well, not quite, I only used one camera and one lens.. but apart from that…(what have the Roman’s ever done for us?**)) and I am, for once, pleased with the results.  I feel I’ve captured the essence of these tulips, the subtle shadings around the base of the flower head, the contrast between the purple petals and lime green leaves.  Most flowers have that organic look about them (I know, a dreadfully mis and overused term, so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t if everyone else is!), these tulips look like someone sat down to design something beautiful, something that could be sculpted.  The only thing is, when it came to the actual production from these blueprints – someone forgot to include a petal retention mechanism; perhaps I should call the support department… I wish to register a complaint.  Those tulips which I did purchase not 5 days ago are starting to lose their petals.. the blooms are deceased.  The only reason they stayed on is that they’re nailed to the stem!***

There seems to be a profusion of Ladybirds/Ladybugs/Coccinellidae  around our house at the moment.  I don’t know whether it’s specific to our abode or whether the UK is going to see another  mass outbreak of these colourful beetles as we did during the Summer of 1976.  There are of course many different types within the Coccinellidae family, a recent discovery showed that despite having been declared extinct in the UK for over 60 years, the 13 Spot Ladybird was/is alive and well in a now protected area of the country (for security reasons, I can’t divulge that the bug was found in Devon to ensure it survives… oh.. damn!)

Did you also notice, Dear Reader, when I asked you to see if I looked different that my visage differs somewhat from my avatar plastered across the numerous social networking sites I have accounts on, including here (my blog is the antithesis of such services, this is an anti-social networking site!).  I won’t ask you to look again once in a week is, I’m sure, more than enough – but as well as blogging last year and this – I’ve been growing my hair (I won’t add I’ve been growing it long, that’s implied, after all you can’t really grow it short – that would take a lot of concentration to stem the growth within the hair follicles or even induce regression (though I know a few people who can do the later without thinking, much to their chagrin)).  There’s many a time in the last 15 months where I’ve thought of having it all shaved off again, but with the Sun out, and .. yes.. “Electric”**** still blaring from my computer and my Les Paul beckoning me to pick it up and (attempt to) play it, there’s not much chance of any shears getting within 6 feet of my follicles.  All together now, let’s rooooooooock!

^ A surprising hit for Tiny Tim (who looks uncannily like Russel Brand in this clip)
* Fred Dibnah – “Fred Who?” I hear those Readers (“Readers??  Readers?? Who are you trying to kid… you mean Reader… singular form”, Ed.) from outside these shores ask.  Fred became a household name in the UK in 1978 when he was interviewed by a regional TV station as he worked, as a steeplejack, on Bolton Town Hall refurbishing the stone exterior, most of which was at dizzying heights.  His love of Victorian engineering was to propel him to new heights in other ways with numerous TV series all of which found his way into people’s hearts.  I think I’ve seen all the programs he made, but will gladly sit and watch any and all repeats, such is his bonne homme.
** Oh no, my speech as well as my writing has been completely taken over by TV and Film quotes – well, you weren’t expecting anything original here were you?
*** See, I told you I can’t think up words and sentences for myself… I’d be unable to hold any form of conversation without the ability to quote Monty Python, Blackadder, Not The Nine O’Clock News or even the Fast Show!
****See yesterday’s blog…  no… go on… I insist!


  1. Too bad it’s not from Amsterdam, but tulips are beautiful whereever they come from 😉 great shots

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