Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 25/02/2012

All Hail The King

King Vulture, originally uploaded by

Why make things harder than they need to be? It’s another rhetorical question, Dear Reader, more something I said to myself recently when trying to access my network filer (think huge hard disk that sits on a computer network and can be accessed by all computers on that network) whilst at the same time working wirelessly. Now I should explain that these two tasks were mutually exclusive with the way my home network is configured – when it comes to security, I’m afraid I employ both belt.. and braces (braces, for those non UK residents are often refered to as suspenders – those elastic things for keeping trousers up… if I had put suspenders instead, that would have very different connotations and I would seriously be thinking of a career in Politics or the Media (it’s does seem to be a pre-requisite – especially if you are a sports presenter!)). So how did I simplify things? I decided to take one piece of equipment out of the network, one that is donkey’s years old (actually the donkey that came with it died of old age (the firewall, the item in question, was actually bought in back in 2000 so in computing terms it’s actually made out of stone!)) and so now, sitting in the lounge I’ve just manage to transfer today’s football photos to the filer, and compose this blog on my Google Docs account (Cloud application). Sigh.. I should have re-jigged things a couple of years ago, rather than making things difficult for myself.

A new world vulture… and not any old new world vulture… you’re looking at the king of the new world vultures.. the king vulture. I’ve photographed and written about these birds before but that won’t stop me doing either, in fact when the sun is out illuminating these incredibly colourful bird, for me, there’s nothing finer in the bird world…except perhaps Mandarin Ducks…. so let’s say in the Raptor world… but then there’s wonderful Red Kite… okay, how about nothing finer in the world of New World Raptors… damn, there’s the Bald Eagle of course….. right.. how about nothing finer in the Royal section of New World Raptors – there – that’s final.

Tomorrow is another sports filled day, kids rugby tournament in the morning followed by a Premiership rugby match in the afternoon and then if there’s time there’s always the Carling Cup in the afternoon if we’re back in time. Let’s hope those games are a bit less tense than the England vs Wales match today… I’m not sure my nerves can take any more.


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