Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 22/01/2012

Ring Ring…

With my ever increasing dalliance with video, I think I’m going to have to start watching more and more movies so that I can see how the Professionals do it (no, not Bodie and Doyle!) – this was prompted by a short (as they’re called) I happened across whilst channel hopping. For once, instead of getting involved in the story, I was trying to work out how it was shot, the lighting, focusing etc. It was quite fascinating and whilst I may not be applying any of the techniques I was able to deduce any time soon (unless I can employ a couple of RADA trained Tigers who want to appear in one of my movies) it was a new avenue for me to explore once I have all those other things I’m trying to achieve out of the way… then.. well, I might well dabble with this new medium.

It’s odd, the more work I’ve put into the course material, the more things I think to add into the presentation.. and the more panicky I get about getting it all done on time. Obviously, with a presentation, the main thing is to complete all the slides but I’m also working on the course notes which I’m hoping will form the basis of my talk. As I said, I don’t like to put up all the words on the page, and neither do I want to be reading from cards but if I write out the notes then I will remember what I’ve written…. what AM I talking about.. I can’t remember what I’ve written on the blog one day the next so how on earth am I going to remember what on my slides (rhetorical again, Dear Reader, the blog whilst not up to the standard of Joyce or Kerouac, is a stream of consciousness rather than a carefully worked document).

I haven’t uploaded any photos to Flickr today, I haven’t had the time or the inclination, but it doesn’t seem to have dented the number of visitors who’ve viewed my photos. It does help, of course, that a photo of a meerkat, and the video of the Lynx have both featured on Flickr’s Explore page. I’ve mentioned it before but for those who don’t know, Explore features “the best” 500 photos a day which are automatically chosen with what Flickr call an “interestingness algorithm”. I can’t imagine how on earth you program “interestingness” but I’m greatful for it’s exposure. The more people that see my photos, the less people with sleep problems.


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