Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 13/01/2012


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Well, it’s not perfect, there are a couple of issues I’ve hit but on the whole the new website is up and running – I’m just waiting for the internet naming system to catchup with the changes I made (it takes up to an hour for the changes to replicated around the globe to all public DNS* servers). I still have some images to upload to the site, but I figure this is just ongoing maintenance and as such there was no reason why I shouldn’t just launch the site.

Of course, I won’t have time to rest on my laurels as besides taking more photos, and writing this blog each day, I now have the more important task of putting meat on the bones of my training course ready for the end of the month. This, in itself, will be no mean feat though I’m not planning on writing down every word that I will say – I just need to add the bits I don’t want to try and remember such as the details of the Sunny 16 rule, how to calculate the Depth of Field, etc. As the training course will be supplemented with a Google Presentation (think Microsoft Powerpoint) I want to add in a few images, fragments showing camera buttons, settings etc then I either need to take the images, or more than likely scour the net for some free graphics. The presentation slides will be notable for their brevity – I’ve never liked the types of presentations where the presenter just reads from the slide – I do however want to have the words available to jog my memory.

Actually, now I have the website out of the way, and I can focus on the course I’m really excited about my inaugural training course. Discussing it with a friend last night, he laughed when I expressed concerns at hosting the course – it seems everyone has the utmost faith in my ability to run this course apart from me, but then it did take a while for me to realise how good I was at photography so there has been a precedence already.

My website is finished, the sun is streaming in through the windows bathing my desk, the weekend is here, and Belle & Sebastian is on the radio, who says Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.

*DNS – Domain Name Service, one of the numerous service that run on the internet. People usually refer to the World Wide Web as the Internet but this is just another service that run on the infrastructure that is the ‘net. DNS changes things like to the IP address of the machine hosting that service.


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