Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 24/11/2011

I have a cunning plan

Fox, originally uploaded by

What on earth happened today.. sun spots? solar winds? Cosmic radiation? I seem to have been fighting technology all day (hasta la vista, Baby) all day. First my phone, then my laptop, then my phone again, then the laptop… at least I can rely on my camera to not play silly games with me… I hope. A reboot of all said devices soon sorted them out, but I shouldn’t have to, no matter how “complex” these things are – these are commodity products now, not some niche geek hobby – I don’t reboot my fridge, or TV if they’re not working.

The sun is out today and it’s perfect weather for some photography; I suspect my curmudgeonly attitude the last few blogs is in part due to a lack of picture taking, something that I will have to rectify this weekend.

When I first started out in photography, I would snap absolutely everything and anything, more often than not, people and landscapes. It would seem I’ve neglected both of these disciplines when taking pictures, in favour of wildlife, and with the way the weather is at the moment, not particularly conducive to fast moving creatures, I feel compelled to go out and take some landscape shots. Ideally I would get up with the lark (actually before the lark, seeing as it’s dark until 7.30am at the moment) and capture some atmospheric shots of trees, churches, mist and low light.

There are a number of good spots locally where I can go and photograph wildlife; I used to check a couple of websites daily to see what sightings had been made in the region but seem to have fallen out of the habit recently. It’s been my loss, as there are a number of species I particularly like Bearded Tit, Jack Snipe, Pintail and even a Great Northern Diver. Time to refocus and take advantage of places close to home (and possibly invest in a Ghillie Suit!)



  1. Love that Fox. I would love to know that was a wild shot?

    But..even if it wasn’t it is still a lovely capture.

    Well done matey. Me…..trying to learn how to use my new D3S! All those new menus…..

    • “Wild.. he was livid… I’d eaten all soup!”

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