Exhibition – July 2011

Flora and Fauna – July 2011

It’s taken a while for my first Exhibition, it does take a while for an Artiste to feel confident enough to display their works and therefore their own soul in public.  As I do not have the excuse of being an Artiste it’s probably more just laziness.

I realise you might not be able to make it along to the exhibition, so I’ve put together a virtual tour…. click on each of the titles and you’ll be taken along to the image that is currently on display in deepest darkest Berkshire, UK.


9. White flower with red centre – Slovenia

I have no idea what this flower is, except it was small, and in the woodlands around Slovenia… and it was very pretty.

10. Azalea Bud – Berkshire

Sometimes the nicest of pictures can be no further than your own village.  Taken in Berkshire.

11. Allium – Berkshire

This goes to show that you don’t need 175MillionMegaPixels cameras to get good shots.  Taken with a 3Mpixels camera 8 years ago.

12. Lavender – Berkshire

Macro photography can open up a whole new world to you.  Who needs to go to the moon when you can see tiny flecks of orange pollen on a flower.

13. Tulip – Berkshire

An example of how the sensitivity of the camera sensor/film, shutter speed and flash can be used to produce a dark background.  Never be afraid to experiment with your camera’s flashgun even in broad daylight.

14. White Rose – Berkshire

The hardest thing with this type of photograph, when you don’t have a tripod, Image Stabilisation or a steady hand is getting a crisp image.. sometimes that also works in your favour!

15. Allium – hi-key

Not just the sole preserve of Portraiture Photography, Hi-Key can also make for a startling flower photograph.

16. Orchid (detail) – Berkshire

When added to Flickr, this photograph received a large amount of attention with comparisons made to a dancer

17. Bluebell – Berkshire

The Spanish variety, not the native English variety, is larger and more sturdy but still as blue.


1. Cheetah – Dartmoor Zoo

You may well see this photo if you visit Dartmoor Zoo, it won their first photography competition.

2. Raccoon – Dartmoor

With this composition in mind, it took an age until the Raccoon decided he’d oblige.

3. Bald Eagle – Hampshire

The call of the wild.. and boy is it loud.

4. Lion – Slovenia

You can tell if a male lion is young or old by the colour of his mane, the older he is the darker it will be, and that’s advice direct from a Masai Warrior so he should know!

5. Water Vole – Norfolk

This little vole was “messing about on the river” totally unconcerned by my presence.

6. Maccaws – Oxfordshire

Another image that was worth the wait until the birds were in the position I had envisaged.

7. Blue Tit – Mortimer

Some of the most photogenic creatures are actually in your own back garden…this one was.

8. Female Ruff – Norfolk

A brown drab bird…hardly.

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