Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 18/07/2014

Missing In Action

The Cover of a Magazine?

I’m sorry, Dear Reader, I didn’t mean to neglect you; having powered up my blog writing machine (all those monkeys and typewriter which I’d locked in a cupboard) again after a much needed rest (I’d run out, after two years of blogging, of bananas to feed to my ape auteurs) I had intended to post, whilst not daily, more frequently but I’m not sure where the time has gone… I guess it’s all those daytime TV shows taking up my day.

If you hadn’t realised by now, and if not – why not, when it comes to conversations, writing and thought process, I don’t tend to focus straight ahead but go off on tangents – here, there and everywhere. True to form….. who would have thought, six months ago, that the youth of today would be obsessed with colourful elastic bands. It’s not that they have, all of a sudden, become obsessed with the organisation of all their documentation – it has more to do with the world wide craze of Loom Bands (we got there eventually, Dear Reader, the tangent that is).

In the age of handheld computer games, global internet access*, and 24×7 TV news coverage – it’s heart warming that a craze sweeping the globe is so low tech. Sure, technology has played it’s part with more tutorials than you can shake a stick at, appearing on Youtube (other video messaging services are available) hourly, daily or even per second but this phenomena has more to do with Arkwrights Spinning Jenny than it does with Zuckerberg’s Facebook.

This does bring me on to one of the many subjects that get’s me on my soap box (I carry one around with me at all times in case I need it at a moment’s notice – which I frequently do**)…. marketing. I understand how marketing works, and the need for it, it’s more about rebranding and brand positioning that get’s my goat; twenty years or more ago, we were all eating toasted sandwiches, toasties and their ilk but not any more.. it’s all panini this and panini that… it is, essentially, still a toastie… bread, same fillings, with heat applied. Twenty years ago, everyone was drinking milkie coffees… now you can’t move for Caffe Lattes or Cappuccinos*** – which brings me back to Loom bands. Tell the kids of today they are crocheting and they’ll be horrified they’re doing something so old fashioned but give it a new term, and well… pass me another Loom Band, I have some legal coffee recipies that I have to discuss with the learned gentlemen of the defence!****

* that’s if you’re in the middle of the Masai Mara, unlike trying to get a signal from my house and gardens which are located 20 miles from the headquarters of the largest mobile carrier in the world
** remind me, Dear Reader, about my favourite T-Shirt!
*** and why do they people who make them have to have names comparable to those people who have studied and practised Law to such an extent that they have knowledge of the Legislations far beyond the ken of us mere mortals.
**** I told you to remind me about my favourite T-Shirt – it is, so I’m told, quite prophetic, and shows a familiar blue smurf cartoon character reclining with a rather grim look on it’s face. Above the image is the characters name…. with the inference that the character resembles that of the t-shirt wearer…. the individual being know as “Grouchy” … tread carefully, Dear Reader, it’s been a while and our relationship is back on rocky ground!


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