Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 18/06/2014

Mary Had A Little Lamb,

European Brown Bear

She also had a bear,
I’ve often seen her lamb,
but I’ve never seen her Ursus arctos arctos

Right, where was I…. oh that’s right, Dear Reader, I had spent a lovely afternoon wandering around the WWT centre despite the rather overcast, grey skies. The highlight of the visit was spotting (for about 5 seconds) a kingfisher screech past the hide as well as a number of little egrets which are always a pleasure to watch.

As lovely as WWT Llanelli was, it wasn’t the intended destination for the trip and with a stop over in Pembroke Dock that night, it was up early and off to St Martins Haven – a short drive under the overcast skies – where a long line of other wildlife enthusiasts were waiting to purchase a ticket to allow them to land on the island of Skomer, a short boat ride off the magnificent Pembroke coast spotting razorbills, guillemots, puffins and even porpoises as the small boat bobbed towards the imposing island.

I’ve mentioned before, how much equipment I carry on photographic days out; on an average day when weighed my kit was over 43 lbs – and having to climb up the steep steps from the landing stage to an area where we were to be informed about the do’s and don’t on the island – I’m sure my pack (and the steepness of the stairs) increased exponentially.

It didn’t take me long to catch my breath from the intensive workout ascending up to the mainland of the island when I saw the local wildlife…. puffins.

And on that cliff hanger (literally), you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear more, g’dnight Dear Reader.


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