Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 17/06/2014

Everythings gone grey….


Why hello there, Dear Reader, I bet you thought I’d forsaken you and my musings; well, you’ve never been far from my thoughts it’s just been an interesting 18 months to put it mildly… that and having written every night for nearly two years, I’d kind of run out of words! I’m not sure I’ve managed to accumulate enough verbiage to write much but if you’ll bear with me I’ll see how far I can get.

Normally, by this time of year, I’ve taken oogabytes worth of photos, been to Africa and visited a plethora of wildlife sites but as you might have seen on the news, there have been some rather disturbing turn of event happening in Kenya which have somewhat curtailed any planned visits there. Of course, there are plenty of other countries to visit in the African continent, a long list of places I want to visit and more importantly animals I want to photograph.

Sometimes you don’t actually have to travel thousands of miles and spend large sums of money to have an amazing wildlife encounter there are some amazing places in the UK (other countries are available, substitute your own). WIth a boot (trunk) full of all imaginable camera gear, and portentous blue skies, it was down the M4 motorway (freeway/highway… or just plane road) and a 90 minute journey to the Severn Bridge that allows passage to traffic from England into Wales (and vice versa of course). It was at this point where plans seemed to start going awry; the magnificent Second Severn Crossing (bridge) was shrouded in low cloud and mist – not something a wildlife photographer wants to see.

Rather than turn back, I went to a WWT site in Llanelli – somewhere I’ve been before and thoroughly enjoyed – you may remember me blogging about it – which is impressive if you do as I can’t remember it (though that’s nothing out the ordinary, I can’t remember my name most days). Whilst I did take plenty of photos as I wandered around the lush green site, the skies were still grey and cloudy resulting in rather “flat” looking images (yes, I know, it’s a 2D image which is by it’s very nature is…. flat!).

Join me tomorrow (providing I get my act together) for the next part of the trip, but for now, Dear Reader, adieu.


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