Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 22/06/2013

What About Me?

I know, you’re a good looking bird Mr Crowned Crane… such a looker… and I know like to photograph anything that moves (or stays still), breathes (or doesn’t breathe), or even just thinks (or doesn’t in my case).. however this time, just this one time, we weren’t really interested in you.. Don’t take it personally… as I said, on any other day, in any other place, I’m sure you would have been centre of attention but you can’t really blame us photographers… you were upstaged you see. It’s really not your fault but when there’s a big puddy tat nearby (actually, you should take that as a warning) what do you expect us to do? Yes, I said a puddy tat.. in your vicinity… actually about 100m behind you (oh yes it is.. this isn’t a pantomime you know… oh, okay,you’ve read previous blogs… so perhaps it is)… a sleek.. streamline killing machine… in the long grass… behind you. Rather than being concerned which is your best side to be snapped… perhaps you should consider which side you don’t wanted those jaws to snap around. Oh you’re in luck, there’s some bigger prey for that hungry looking speed machine to concentrate on.


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