Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 27/11/2012

I Can’t See The Point

Some of you may remember me mentioning, quite a while ago now, how I had planned to convert last years’ blog into a book and how conspicuous it has been by it’s absence. I have tried a number of times to try to collate and arrange all the words and pictures from 2011 but the software, as I’ve said before, hasn’t allowed me the typographical freedom I would like to be able to lay out the pages as I want. I had thought that perhaps it was my lack of experience (or patience) with the piece of software, for once I spent some time running through various online help videos and documents to see what I might have been missing, and what I was doing wrong, and it turns out that I hadn’t and I wasn’t (respectively).

The company whose services and software I’m using also recommend, for the more tech and design savvy recommend using Adobe In-Design, a behemoth of a program but one that allows total freedom when it comes to document creation. I’ve used a number of Adobe’s programs over the years, as well various desktop publishing packages so the learning curve associated when using any new piece of software (or anything else for that matter) shouldn’t be too steep, but I’ve got my hiking boots and survival pack out in case it get’s too harrowing.


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