Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 25/11/2012

Bear With Me….

Waiting for Godot, originally uploaded by

I’ve not managed to watch many Formula One races this year, in part because I don’t have a Sky TV subscription, Sky having purchased the rights to show all the races throughout the year, with only a select few finding their way onto terrestrial television; Couple this with the fact that 2012 seems to have been a blur with all that has been going on, I’ve only managed to see two full formula one races, the incredibly eventful Abu Dhabi race which saw Kimi Raikkonen win the race in a Lotus and the final event of the year in Brazil where the championship was decided almost on a lap by lap basis. For the third time, Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel walked away with the title despite having finished only sixth, though having been involved in a rather large shunt on the very first lap, the car having sustained damage, it’s a wonder he even finished the race. I would say it was edge of the seat stuff, however as I was preparing the evening meal, with the race streaming to my laptop via the BBC website, I wasn’t 100% focused on the machinations of the race. This Saturday will be a very different story as I am off to watch England vs New Zealand Rugby Union match – I suspect I’ll be a little bit more focused and hyped up for that.


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