Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 24/11/2012

Waiting For Godot (no, not an obscure Indie Band)

Waiting for Godot, originally uploaded by

Reading the music press last week I happened upon an article that got me rather excited… no, Half Man Half Biscuit aren’t releasing a new triple disk album, The Smiths aren’t reforming (yes, Mark I can hear you cheering from here!), nor have the UK Government put a ban on anyone anywhere playing Gangnam Style – no, it was about changes to my beloved Reading Festival that had me rather animated. Whilst the number of tickets available remains constant, the festival organisers are going to be adding three more stages to the event to allow for even more diverse music across the three days. This will, obviously, mean the whole arena will be changing which in itself will be exciting as the layout has remained fairly constant for a few years now.

The festival organisers are also going to break with tradition, instead of keeping quiet until the tickets are released as to who will be headlining over the three days, they are planning to announced the starring acts before Christmas. Whilst this won’t affect whether I purchase a ticket or not.. I already have my three days pass for next year, it will mean I can look forward even more to the August Bank Holiday weekend in 2013.


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