Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 22/11/2012

The Late Show*

Chive, originally uploaded by

Well ,I certainly wasn’t expecting that; I received another email again today – nothing too unusual in that, I generally get around 50 to 100 emails a day most of which are from long lost cousins or new business associates both of whom want to bestow on me a great fortune. “What’s that you say, Dear Reader? You get these emails too”, perhaps we’re related then? Anyway, this email was from a certain photographic agency who contacted me earlier in the year and were interested in a small but select number of images which they wanted to have in their portfolio. I was incredibly excited at the thought of being a bona fida Getty photographer and duly submitted the images they were interested in… it looks like someone from their organisation has been back to my Flickr stream and this time, instead of selecting one or two photos, they’ve shown an interest in 46 images. I like to think I’m quite good when it comes to photography, but with 46 selected by the premier photographic agency I think I dare risk raising the bar to “rather good”!

*Having been out for a rather good curry last night, I’m playing catchup – this post had to be “back dated” to meet my deadline (actually I have a delorean time machine and went back in time but don’t tell everyone or they’ll want a go).


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