Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 21/11/2012

Money, it’s a gas*

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Thank goodness, Hurrah, Praise Be, Hallelujah – why all the acclamation? Well, today is day three of Amazon’s Black Friday week of deals and there’s nothing I can find in the 230 listed deals that I want to purchase which is more than I can say for the last few days. I’ve mentioned a number of times, on this blog, my interest in the console game Rocksmith and had been mulling over the idea of buying the game now we have a console that the game is produced for. Having seen the “game” in Asda for £52, I had compared the price with Amazon who were £5 cheaper and was considering purchasing it from the online retailer, after all I’m going to need something to do each evening in the New Year when I stop writing every day! Browsing through the discounted Black Friday products on Monday I happened upon the game for the PS3 and muttered under my breath that it was for the wrong console, that was until I pressed the next button and saw that indeed the Xbox version was going to be on offer in about an hours time. Checking to see they hadn’t inflated the normal price of the game, I waited until the given hour and was amazed to see that the game was being sold for £29.99 – still expensive but the cheapest I’ve seen it anywhere by far. I didn’t even have to deliberate at this price (it includes a phono to USB lead allowing you to plug your guitar**) and 15 seconds later the game was bought – it’s a good job I acted quickly as it soon sold out.

The following day was no better; whilst checking my email, etc. I decided to see what was on offer on Amazon’s website. Several pages in I spotted a soldering iron kit, something I’m going to need when I start on all the electrics for my boy’s new model train layout, and as the item was going to be released in less than an hours time decided to have a look to see what price it would be. Unfortunately for me, the price was very good, unfortunate in that I couldn’t resist and my second “Black Friday” purchase was made in as many days. So today is a day of “rest”, resting my credit card that is, I’m just hoping that Amazon don’t put an amazing deal on a Canon 1Dx or G1x!

* It’s from Pink Floyd’s Money.
**Yes, bring it around and if not you can always have a strum on my Les Paul Custom***
***It’s a make of guitar!


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