Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 17/11/2012

Puuuurrrrfect Day

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It’s amazing what a difference what only one week makes; I mentioned last week how incredibly beautiful the autumnal trees looked with their yellows, gold, orange and red foliage. Driving along the same route this morning, and I was disappointed to see that the yellows had turned to oranges, the oranges to browns, and the browns had, well… fallen off the trees. Yet another wasted photographic opportunity – I’m not having a lot of luck this year so far… still there’s plenty of time to go until the end of the year..oh, what? it’s November already?

It was a very proud day for me at football today; whilst I was given a round of applause by all for all the photographs I provide to the club it wasn’t that that had me grinning like a Cheshire Cat. A number of end of year awards were handed out to a few of the boys; half-a-dozen were ones voted for by parents and players, of which my boy won one which is fantastic, however the one I really loved was the Captain Award, voted for by the coaches as to who has been the best in this category which my son won. That in itself is fantastic however as soon as the award was mentioned, in unison the football squad all called out my boy’s name showing it’s not just the adults who think this. Praise indeed.


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