Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 16/11/2012

What A Refreshing Change

Wild Boar piglets, originally uploaded by

I have over the years played my fair share of computer games; in recent years these seem to have been limited to numerous Lego/film tie-ins which as well as great fun are humorous, not something you can say about many of the shoot-em-ups which I used to play. The later group of games are accompanied by loud crunchy guitars and thumping bass lines to add tension and atmosphere as you play. The graphics over the years have become almost cinematic so imagine my surprise when the most played game on the new console is one with rudimentary graphics and a lilting tinkling piano soundtrack but one that is incredibly immersive. Unlike these other games, there doesn’t appear to be any aims within the blocky world, except to explore, build and survive (apparently there are some nasties that come out at night but we’ve not seen those as of yet). Despite it’s lack of gratuitous violence, inherent in the other types of games… we did manage to set fire (accidentally) to a pig whilst we were playing with fire. Sadly the game doesn’t come with smello-vision for the hog roast. Hmmmm bacon.


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