Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 09/11/2012

Missing in (in)action.

Bald Eagle, originally uploaded by

Some of you may have noticed that yesterday’s blog was somewhat late at being posted; I had already jotted down a few ideas to help me compose the day’s entry so it wasn’t for a lack of something to say (never stops me normally anyway!) Having prepared and eaten the family evening meal and after a number of rather early starts during the week I thought I’d have a quick snooze, just 20 minutes to allow my meal to settle and to provide that much needed energy boost. It didn’t quite go according to plan, having laid down at 8pm I was a little surprised when I next opened my eyes that there was a duvet over me, keep me warm and all the light in the house were now out. Fumbling around for my phone I was a little shocked to see it was 1.30am, of course my first thought was for my missing blog entry… but seeing as it was already 90 minutes late I thought a few extra hours wouldn’t make any difference.

I see to be succumbing to some marketing on TV by one of the rival camera manufactures to Canon… Nikon in fact. It’s not the promise that their cameras can take the perfect photograph, that their camera’s have better specifications… no, what has drawn me in every time is the music they are using of the various ads. Reminiscent of a Sigur Ros ditty, “Welcome Home” by Radical Face has a strong sentimental vide, and whilst some have compared the band to such acts as Sufjan Stevens, Paul Simon or even Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci (one to test your the phonetic skills) but for me, they’re more akin to The Notwist, Sigur Ros or Jose Gonzalez. Either way, it’s a pretty tune, however it’s not going to convince me to buy one of Nikon’s camera.. mind you it wouldn’t convince me to buy anything from Canon either!


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