Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 08/11/2012

Laying Down On The Job!

Pigeon, originally uploaded by

I’ve blogged before how we have a number of very well fed wood pigeons that seem to have taken up permanent residence in and around our garden due, impart to the easy meals on offer. Not only have these birds become rather rotund on their easy pickings but it would appear they have become lazy and complacent. The sun made a brief appearance late afternoon, and whilst venturing into the kitchen to make myself a much needed mug (I say mug but stein would be more appropriate, my coffee cup holds 1.2pints… that’s a lot of coffee, it’s a good job I drink decaf or I would be buzzing all day) I cast a glance over the back garden hoping to see the first of the winter visitors feeding on the rather spartan (this ISN’T Sparta!) holly berries. It’s obviously a little too early for the Redwings, Fieldfares and Waxwings (I still live in Hope.. see I said it wasn’t Sparta) but I did spot several pigeons which may not seem that unusual (we can get up to twelve birds feeding at any one time) however the two present had their eyes closed and were laying down in the what warmth the late afternoon winter sun provides. I did think about taking their photographs, but they looked so content and at peace with themselves I didn’t have the heart to disturb them. Of course, in such recumbent pose, they could well be permanently at peace* if the local Sparrowhawk!

* Or in lots of tiny little pieces.

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