Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 04/11/2012

I love the smell of Frosties in the morning

Asiatic Lioness, originally uploaded by

You’ll be lucky if you get any sense out of me tonight (“What’s new” Ed.) but whilst navigating the TV’s built in program schedule looking for something not to watch, I happened upon one of my favourite films just starting on one of the channels, Apocalypse Now. I did have to stop for one minute and think whether this was the movie or a tv series shown in the UK in the early ‘80s (1982 according to Wikipedia) Whoops Apocalypse. With the word Apocalypse in the title, neither of these could be anything but related to war in some shape of fashion, however the “Whoops” in the later case should give an indication as to which was the comedy series. I remember watching the later, after I’d seen the former, and whilst I don’t remember anything about the TV numerous quotes from the film have stayed with me from the film (and I’m not the only one). The odd thing, is by coincidence I did actually read Joseph Conrad’s book “Heart of Darkness”, and an even greater coincidence, I can’t remember what that was about either!

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